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dehydrated and freeze dried apple chunks, caramel, cinammon, and oats will make you think you're eating the real thing!

Caramel Apple Crisp

Price Options
One-time purchase
Caramel Apple Crisp
$10.00every week until canceled
Caramel Apple Crisp
$10.00every month until canceled
  • oats, whey protein powder, honey, coconut oil, flax, chia seeds, almond butter, caramel bits, cinammon chips.

  • cal 100,tot fat 4.2 g, sat. fat 1.26, cholesterol 5.8, sodium 22.3 mg, tot carbohydrates 10.4 g, fiber 1.6 g, protein 5.2 g, sugar 6.2 g.

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