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Same flavors of my classic almond joy bite, but all sugar free and keto approved ingredients.  unsweetened coconut, dark chocolate, and crushed up almonds will help you satisfy your candy bar craving!  Nutrition facts and pictures to come soon.  Nutrition is very similar to all other keto flavors. 

Keto Almond Joy

Price Options
One-time purchase
keto almond joy
$11.00every week until canceled
  • serving size 1 bite

    Calories: 123

    tot. fat: 7.5 g

    sat. fat: 2.8 g

    cholesterol: 5.75 mg

    sodium: 20 mg

    tot. carbohydrate: 11 g

    fiber: 3 g

    sugar:  .9 g

    sugar alcohols: 6.6 g

    protein: 5.7 g

    net carbohydrate: 1.4 g

  • sugar free honey, coconut flour, almond flour, amond butter, whey protein powder, unsweetened coconut, sliced almonds, ground flax, cocoa powder, sugar free dar k chocolate, coconut oil, chia seed. 

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