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Keto bites that taste like a chocolate chip cookie dough ball!  semi sweet sugar free chocolate chips, and a bit of peanut butter and protein powder.  Just enough sweetness to trick you into thinking you're eating the real thing! Grain free.

Keto chocolate chip/peanut butter

SKU: 0014
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One-time purchase
Keto Choc. Chip
$11.00every week until canceled
Keto PB choc chip
$11.00every month until canceled
  • calories 90

    total fat 6 g

    sat fat 1.5 g

    cholesterol 5 mg

    sodium 20 mg

    total carbohydrates 9 g

    net carbs 1.5

    sugar .43 g

    protein 5.4 g

    fiber 2.2 g

    sugar alcohol 5.3 g

  • sugar free honey, almond flour, coconut flour, whey protein powder, peanut butter, coconut oil, ground flax, chia seed, sugar free semi sweet chocolate chips, sugar free milk chocolate chips, vanilla, salt

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