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Zesty lemon juice, fresh lemon zest, and shredded coconut create the perfect combination. I add a tiny bit of grated white greek yogurt chips for a hint of sweetness.  No nut butters in this one, so we add a little extra protein powder to make sure theyre still packed.  Sweetened with honey. I'd keep these ones in the freezer.  No nut butter means less calories, but they're a little more fragile.  

Lemon coconut

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Lemon Coconut
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Lemon coconut
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  • refrigeration not required but these are best cold.  Keep in the fridge for a few weeks or freeze them.  Protein bites thaw out in a few minutes so you can grab and go!

    nutrition facts: serving size one bite

    calories 81, total fat 2.9 g, sat fat 1 g,sodium 21 mg, cholesterol 5.75 mg, total carbohydrates 9.7 g, net carbs 8.8, sugar 5.6 g, fiber 1.5 g, protein 5.2 g

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