A keto version of my white chocolate/macadamia nut/coconut bite.  unsweetened coconut shreds, and keto friendly white choc along with almond butter and crunchy mac nuts.  One of my favorite combinations of all time, this bite will hopefully make you forget you're on a diet!

Keto Macadamia nut/white choc/coconut

SKU: 0017
  • keto bites are best kept frozen or refridgerated.  These bites are grain free but not dairy free.  There is a little bit of dairy in the white chocolate chips

  • Calories 120

    total fat 6.8 g

    sat fat 3.1 g

    cholesterol 7 mg

    sodium 2.3 mg

    total carbohydrates 6 g

    net carbs 1.6 g

    sugar 1.2 g

    protein 6.6 g

    fiber 3.3 g

    Erythritol 1.1 


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