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A seasonal limited flavor!! Get this bite while you can.  a low carb, low sugar bite, full of  chocolate chips, and that cinnamon pumpkin flavor we all love! 

low carb pumpkin chocolate chip

  • ingredients: oats, whey protein powder, almond butter, honey, coconut oil, ground flax, chia seed, Lily's chocolate chips, pumpkin spice

    calories: 100

    fat: 5.9 g

    sat. fat: 1.5 g

    cholesterol: 3.75 mg

    sodium: 6.5 mg

    tot. carbohydrates: 8.5

    fiber: 2.3 g

    sugar: 4.2 g

    erithrytol: .37 g

    protein: 5.2 g

    net carbohydrates: 5.83 g

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