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chewy and crunchy real strawberry chunks, cream cheese, grahm crackers, made with mild almond butter and strawberrys and cream protein powder.  Nutrtional info and pics to come soon. 

strawberry cheesecake

  • honey, oats, almond flour, whey protein powder, almond butter, grahm crackers, freeze dried strawberries, dehydrated strawberrys, greek yogurt chips, coconut oil, ground flax, chia seed. 

  • calories: 108

    Fat: 5.9 g

    sat. fat: 1.6 g

    cholesterol: 9.5 mg

    sodium: 13 mg

    carbs: 9.8 g

    fiber: 1.6 g

    sugar: 5.8 g

    protein: 4.7 g

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